Is Hip Flexor Discomfort Slowing You Down?

In case you are dealing with hip ache, but you happen to be not sure what sort of personal injury you might have endured, or how bad it truly is, this post really should reply those people thoughts for you personally

There are three main different types of hip flexor soreness:

Soreness When Lifting Leg

Hip flexor pain is usually affiliated with suffering though lifting the leg, but far more exclusively, discomfort only during this movement will likely be a pulled hip flexor.

Pulled Flexor

In the event you have got a pulled flexor you may realize it previously, in case you keep in mind when it to start with started out hurting, if it had been in the course of some sort of explosive movement, you almost certainly have one. In order to test should you do, test standing to the opposite foot, then lifting your leg as superior as you possibly can(knee to chest), in the event you really feel any pain at any phase prevent promptly. The moment you might have proven that there’s pain accomplishing the knee to upper body motion, it truly is practically sure you have a pulled hip flexor. Make sure you scroll down to the severity part to find out what his usually means.

Frequent Suffering

In case you have nagging ache through the day, and it hurts once you transfer your leg or stretch your hip flexor, you could possibly use a case of tendonitis.


Hip flexor tendonitis happens normally with athletes as an overuse personal injury. Each time a repetitive motion is executed, these as running or biking, there is a large amount of force remaining placed to the hip flexors. Usually this could lead to irritation of your tendon attaching the hip flexor muscle tissue towards the bone and will result in a great deal of agony.

Discomfort When Touching Hip Space

A bruised hip flexor is surely an umbrella time period describing an damage to one or maybe more from the several muscular tissues that the hip flexor is made up of. When your agony started out following a blunt trauma to this area, you most likely possess a bruised hip flexor.

Bruised Flexor

It may be hard to tell the real difference between a bruised plus a pulled hip flexor, simply because you will often encounter agony when lifting the leg either way. The primary difference is inside a stationary situation, a bruised muscle mass might be quite delicate when you touch it. So to diagnose this, get up and bit by bit apply pressure for the different areas with the hip flexor; in case the soreness felt whilst making use of stress is similar in depth to the discomfort felt lifting your leg, you most likely only have a bruised muscle mass, this really is wonderful news!! Bruised muscular tissues only need a number of days of relaxation and you’ll be all set to go, although maybe a little bit sore…To speed up therapeutic, use a average total of warmth on the area 2-3 instances every day having a warmth pack or warm towel, this will stimulate blood circulation and kick start off your therapeutic method.

Severity of Personal injury

If you’ve discovered you have a pulled hip flexor, now we have to classify it into among three sorts of pulls, when you have decided what class of pull you have, you’ll be able to begin to take care of it.